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This one's for you, Meena!

Hello, there! Time to update on my life and activities and not do surveys, because I do what people tell me to do! I guess I don't do real updates very often because I feel like my life is not very entertaining. I mean, it's all right, but I don't jet off to Hawaii and go to swanky DJ parties, or compete in urban design contests, or get married or go to other people's weddings... I feel like that is what most of my friends on here do.

So, what is it that I do? Actually, this week has been a bit more interesting than usual because it is my "Spring Break." The thing about spring break in grad school is that you don't really have one. I have two weeks off classes, which is nice, but I still have my internship two days a week and I've been working a shitload at the ice cream store because of several ridiculous turns of events. Ridiculous thing #1: my boss has decided it would be a good idea for himself, his wife, and his five employees to start running what is essentially a factory making thousands of pints of homemade ice cream to sell at grocery stores. Ridiculous thing #2: one of my co-workers, who is a little crazy, decided to up and drive to LA last Saturday night... and not come back. It's bananas, she was going to school, acting in a local play, her family lives around here, she had a job... I thought she was lying to my boss and just wanted to quit, but I know this girl, I hang out with her outside of work. I was trying to hook her up with my roommate! So I called her and she told me that she and one of her friends were stoned on Saturday night and "decided their lives were unsatisfactory," so they just drove to Cali.

But now, on to the interesting part of my break. My friend Brooke from high school, who lives in Boston now and has a real job with real disposable income, came to visit me! It was great! We did exciting things, I showed her attractions of Denver and the surrounding area.

We started her visit out right by volunteering at the St. Patrick's Day "Green Tie" gala fundraiser for the health clinic network I worked for last year. This meant dressing up all fancy and making sure no one stole the silent auction items. Apparently, last year some bastards stole the jewelery that was being auctioned off for charity. Then we got free fancy food and booze and watched these crazy awesome riverdance-type people break it down.

Then we went to drag queen brunch or "petticoat bruncheon" as they call it, which is delicious brunch at this restaurant where they have ridiculous drag queen waitresses that give dudes lapdances on their birthdays... or fake birthdays.

We also went hiking down near Colorado Springs and met up with my friend Patrice from Wake. It's always nice to see her, although Colorado Springs is sort of lame, and home to such exciting things as the Focus on the Family Headquarters and Visitors' Center. I kinda want to see what that place is like, but I think it would just make me angry.

The next day, we went to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory tour. They had all the different parts of the factory labeled. The best part was labeled "Tea Bagging." Brooke and I both have the maturity of middle schoolers, so we laughed a lot about that. I am laughing about it now. We also went to watch the hippies and yuppies in their natural habitat, the Boulder Pearl Street pedestrian mall. We got delicious mojitos with my friend Jenii, another member of the elite Wake Forest Colorado alumni crew.

We also hit up the Colorado History Museum, which I liked because it didn't gloss over how white people killed and exploited Native Americans and had an exhibit about women on the frontier and how they kicked ass and did what the men did, no little house on the prarie bullshit.

So that was good times. It was good to see Brooke, we have deep conversations about social issues and music. Ho co for life!

Other than that, I have a few potentially exciting things coming up, like looking for a new internship for next year, starting a new quarter, and also interviewing for a job for next year. It's an RA job, which means free room and board! Woot! If I can make that happen, that means more free time and little or no ice cream scooping for me next year. And maybe a trip back to Maryland this summer if I can afford it and it works out. But not when Meena's coming, because we are going to kick it when she comes to Colorado!

Ok, I think that's it. The Ohio State-Tennessee game is getting interesting, anyway. I love March Madness!
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