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things and stuff, stuff and things

hey there... it has been a while since i've written in here. things have happened. i went to florida and back for my sister's graduation, and had a minor life crisis due to my overall inability to handle my school, work, and internship the way i want to. but, i have made an executive decision to be happy and deal with things as they come.

also, some things have been resolved, and some will hopefully be resolved soon. first, i got an internship for next year. it's with Colorado Youth at Risk, a non-profit that runs a mentoring program. it should be really good, my supervisor is really nice, she went to DU also and my current field supervisor knows her. it's a very small organization, and they have a lot of flexibility about things i can be involved in. that's good because i want to be involved with clients directly and also do more administrative things and learn how nonprofits run.

i am trying to get another job for the summer. i don't really want to work at Liks all summer, so i applied to work at the Social Security regional office here. it would be sweet because it would be government pay, paid holidays, etc. however, it is taking a long time to hear back because they don't know if they will have funding for the summer. according to my mom, they got funding last week and should be hiring student summer positions soon. so hopefully i will find out about that soon and i can quit at Liks. either that or i will still work a day or 2 there and also at Social Security. i need to make money this summer.

other things... my internship ends next week. i am really sad to leave the kids i work with and everything there. i hope i can find time this summer and next year to still be involved as a volunteer. school ends the week after, which is good because think i am about ready for a break. my old roomie is visiting and my friend Patti is getting married that week also! then Meena is going to be in town! it should be a good way to kick off the summer. craziness!

i am also looking for a roommate, yet again. my friend Lance wants me to move in with him into a different place for next year, but i don't know if i want to do that. ideally, i would like to just stay here. but it's hard to find somebody to rent the other small-ass bedroom in my apartment. i HATE moving. i will have lived here 2 years in August, and that's the longest i've gone without moving since i moved out of my parents' house. so i may be moving somewhere else near here with Lance. he has a house in the suburbs that he wants to rent out to make some money, and live in Denver for a year. he's willing to pay more of the rent so i can pay the same as what i pay now, which is nice of him. i just don't know if i want to live with him because he's the most emotionally needy man i know. he will talk your ear off, repeatedly, about his emotions, his life, his house, his band, whatever. but i figure i can live with him, i can just go do homework in my room. or pretend to go do homework in my room. i usually don't spend that much time at home anyway. we'll see. i go through roommates like nobody's business these days. when my old roomie that lives in ATL now comes to visit, i am going to try to convince her to come back here and live with me. or just not allow her to leave.

anyway, things are kinda crazy for me... as usual. hopefully the bad crazy (scooping ice cream all weekend) will end soon and the good crazy (friends and weddings and hiking and fun things!) will begin!
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