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i had a dream of a new american language, you know, one with a little more spanish

so i've been on break from school now since Thanksgiving, which has really been nice. or really, before Thanksgiving. i've still been busy with work and my internship, especially with my internship. but it's nice. i have time to do more things now. it's also been really good to have a social life again. this week, i have done fun things with my friends two nights already and this weekend i am going to the mountains to celebrate my friend Amy's birthday... yes, actually spending time with your friends is fun! my life had gotten a little out of balance during the school year with school and my internship and all that. i didn't have time for things i needed to do. so i really needed this break. like today, i am just going to get shit done that i need to get done. and maybe play some basketball and get things ready for this weekend. and read books. i missed reading books voluntarily.

anyway, i am also really excited about going home for the holidays. i haven't been home since this time last year, which sucks because i miss my friends and family there. but this year i will have a chance to spend a decent chunk of time there and hopefully get to see everyone i want to see. i'd better not get snowed in in Denver this year! i wish my sister could come home for the holidays, but the timing of her first year in the Peace Corps doesn't work for that. it's cool though, i can call her and such.

home might be a little crazy with my mom still recovering from knee replacement surgery and my grandmother thinking i am 4 years old... but it'll be good to see them. yeah, my grandmother is getting Alzheimer's and thinks that i am 4 years old but also my own age. maybe a month ago, she thought i was 4 years old and i was lost so she called 911. my mom thinks it must have to do with something that happened to her when she was 4 years old, because my grandmother mixes my mom and i up a lot. but that should be interesting. it's funny, but sort of sad at the same time. my mom also thinks that when i say my grandmother could benefit from counseling, that i am going to provide counseling for her. rule #1 of social work: don't be a social worker for your own family! but maybe what i can work on is lining her up with some services in the area. it's odd that i would know exactly where to refer her if she lived here in Denver, but i have no idea what's available in the community where i grew up. that's one thing that's weird, is the way i know a whole lot about the non-profit community in Denver and the greater metro area here... and i know some things, but a lot less, about things in the DC/Bmore area.

anyway, i am looking forward to many upcoming adventures here and back home... highlights include: birthday party action in Breckenridge for Amy, office Christmas party for my internship, Bel Biv Devoe and Coolio in concert!, Holiday party with the mentee and mentor community, going home!, other exciting activities there such as going to see the All-Mighty Senators, Legwarmers, and Citizen Cope (each on different occasions), and also, i am in the market for some awesome New Years' plans in the DC/Bmore region... anyone? word. so this was all probably pretty boring to you... i need to add more entertaining stories... hmm...

here's an entertaining story: last night i went to Chuck E Cheese with my friends Jill and Zach and Zach's brother and his little girl, who is 3 and is hilarious! it was a belated celebration of Jill's birthday so we wore awesome dinosaur party hats and had the full Chuck E Cheese experience. however, Chuck E Cheese was a lot more high tech than it used to be back in the day when i went there. for example, they still have the singing and dancing animatronic characters that are generally creepy, yet amusing. however, now, along with the dancing animals, they have music videos! the ones they have now are all Christmas themed and feature Santa Claus, Dora the Explorer, Veggie Tales, and high school dance groups. they also had a whole segment of Chuck E Cheese going skiing and snowboarding! i want to know how a person gets the job of putting on a Chuck E Cheese head and some skis and performing in a Chuck E Cheese video! or how do they pick the people who provide the singing voices of the Chuck E Cheese band members? it must be a huge resume booster! anyway, ridiculous! i recommend going to Chuck E Cheese as an adult. if you go in with very low expectations like we did, it will definitely surpass them.

hahah.. ok. now, i'm going to do laundry, christmas shopping, and cleaning! yay!
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