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pink hair!

I dyed my hair pink on the tips and with some streaks! I was actually going for purple, but it turned out pink! Why? Because I'm participating in a fundraiser for my internship organization, Colorado Youth at Risk, called Color4Kidz where you dye your hair a crazy color, and when people ask you about it, you explain that it's for an awesome cause and do they want to support you by making a pledge? It's really cool, I have my own little profile on the website,

It's funny, back in the day, I always wanted to have the balls to actually bleach my hair and then dye it a crazy color (dark hair doesn't work for bright colors unless you bleach it..) but I never did it because I figured my parents would freak out and etc etc... But I finally got up the nerve to do it because there was a good reason for it. It's funny, I feel like I'm sort of being a rebel, but sort of not because if anyone looks at me weird I have a reason and I can explain myself. Now that I am supposed to be a "professional," I am dyeing my hair pink to support the agency I work for... random, right? Good think I don't work at Social Security anymore. Although they are legally not allowed to fire me or not hire me based on appearance and they don't technically have a dress code... I think it might not have gone over so well there.

Anyway, since I just did the whole dye action, it still feels a little weird when I see bright-ass pink hair out of the corner of my eye :0) It's fun times, though.
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