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a little freaking out is good for ya!

I don't really have time to write this, but I wanted to because I haven't written anything non-school-related since... probably my last post in here. This week and next week are going to be apeshit! This week involves school group project crap and putting in a ridiculous amount of hours at my internship. And maybe going out for Halloween... except that first I have to work until close at the ice cream store. So maybe not.

At my internship, we are taking 36 kids and roughly the same amount of mentors up to the mountains for Friday-Sunday to begin our new mentoring program. And the kids, I love them already, but they are going to be difficult to work with. Because the school we are starting the program at, Manual High School, is in a neighborhood that has a very high poverty rate and because the schools that feed into it are really struggling... the high school freshman act like 5th graders and read at about that level. There has been a lot of local and national media attention about what Denver public schools is trying to do with this school, which is starting brand new after having to be closed last year due to extremely low enrollment and performance. It's really interesting to see the new models they are trying out at this school and also to be in on the ground floor of trying to affect the school culture. That's one thing we really work with mentors and students on, creating a sense of community and building leadership and communication skills that can be taken back to schools. Anyway, here's a good article about Rob Stein, the principal we are working with, and Manual High School:

And I'm sort of supposed to help be in charge, but I probably know about 50% of what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I mean, everyone else knows what they're doing, so I'm sure it will be ok. But I still wonder about the whole thing... Also, once I get back from the mountains, all my professors will have finally given out the take-home finals that I have to do for next week. Also, next week is the big fundraiser for my internship organization which I am also helping put on and inviting people to come and sit at my table with me and my mentee. Anyway, craziness! And then the next week is any remaining finals and then break! Yay break! I think I'll really need it this time ! Wow, I am wondering if any of this even made sense to anyone but me.

And then I might have to move again in December.... Shoot me in the head! I hate moving! But it seems that my roommate has made up her mind to move because she met some chick in her program who wants to move into a house. And unless I randomly find someone who wants to move in with me here, which is doubtful, I will have to move with them. Because I am pretty much too broke to find a half-decent place by myself. And I want to move back to my old neighborhood but there is basically no way my roommate will look for places in my old neighborhood despite the fact that it is cheaper and closer to school. So they are looking in this neighborhood, and apparently went to see places this weekend when I was working. My roommate (who is not here this week because she is house-sitting) called me and said, what time do you go to work? Oh, the same time you do every Sunday? Well, we are going to look at places right when you are supposed to arrive at work. We'll let you know what we find. Have I heard from her since then? No. And I don't fucking have time to look for places right now, plus there is no need for her and this girl to look for them yet either because our lease doesn't end until December 15th. Why the hell does the lease end in the middle of the month like that?? I don't want to have to pay for 2 places in December, of all months, the month of buying Christmas presents! We had had a conversation about how it seemed like a better idea to just rent month to month when the lease ends because neither of us wanted to get into a long lease because she will be traveling this summer and I may move out of town after graduation... But now she has decided that it would be better to get a house. So there it is.

Also, my mom just had knee replacement surgery... which means she will be unable to walk a lot for.. a while. I expect all kinds of drama and fallout from the fact that this means she will not be the one doing everything for my grandmother. I guess this will make it so that my dad/no one is doing the stuff my mom usually does. However, my grandmother is in an assisted living place that does basically everything she needs. Mostly what my mom does is take her to church and doctor's appointments and fight with her. So I guess it's all good. It's bad to say, but I think Thanksgiving this year would be a lot of drama to handle without my sister being there... So I'm sort of glad I won't be going home for Thanksgiving. Christmas has roughly similar drama potential, but hopefully a bit less so because my mom will most likely be in better shape physically and be back into her normal routine more.

Whatever, I know it will all be crazy but fine and good and great and everything will all work out. All of it. I feel better. I really need to do laundry and/or homework.
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