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In the spirt of making lists of things to do before you die...

Due to other people doing this, whether it be on movie previews or livejournal, I felt the need to make a brief list of some of the most important things I want to do before I die. Or maybe I just want to avoid trying to get a jump on my reading. Maybe I'll add more to this in the future.

The List:

Found or co-found my own non-profit
Complete my Masters' of Social Work
Travel to:
Australia and New Zealand
Latin America, especially Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica
Mozambique, either with my sister or to go visit her
Easter Island
Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
Climb a 14er (for non-Coloradoans, this means a mountain above 14,000 ft)
Go up in a hot air balloon
Fall in love
Have a song written about me
Learn to shoot a small-scale short film or documentary
Learn to use a pottery wheel
Ride a horse on the beach
As a post-retirement or part-time job, lead nature walks at a state or national park or lead ghost tours
Testify before a legislative body
Write and publish something anonymously
Make a profound difference in someone's life

When I die, I would like people to be happy that they knew me and hopefully feel like I made something a little better for them.
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