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A New Year, indeed

This week has been crazy as hell! On Monday, I found out that I got the RA job I applied for down at DU. Which is great, the place is bigger than anywhere I've lived since I've been in Denver and I am just going to be in charge of other grad students. I thought I was going to have undergrads, but I am relieved because grad students will be way lower maintenance and offer more potential for meeting new DU friends. Other sweet things about this new gig include free rent, free food card money, and the ability to walk to class and the light rail. So that will be great. Also, my official last day at Liks was also Monday. So ends that chapter... I will miss some of the people, who I will hopefully still get to hang out with, but I will sure as hell NOT miss the actual ice cream scooping.

However, with this new job comes the daunting prospect of moving AGAIN. I will have lived in my current place for only 4 months. I hate moving! I am halfway packed up, but I can't start actually moving anything until the girl who lives in the apartment I will be taking moves out. I have no idea when that is. Sometime in the next week. So I guess I will do my main moving of furniture and such next weekend... Unless they expect me to start doing work this week. I hate moving and I hate asking people to help me move. But it will take me forever if I move by myself. I don't know, I guess I will figure all this out on Monday or Tuesday.

Other crazy things...

Thursday was super intense. I started off having a crappy day from when I woke up... and then I went to supervision for my internship. My supervisor made me cry. Not in a mean way... she just asks these questions that I can't answer and is more perceptive about me than I am about myself and it freaks me out and I start crying. This has happened twice. Most people I know have never seen me cry once. But I am working on being ok with crying and letting people seeing me cry.

My supervisor keeps telling me that I should do the Landmark Forum, which is basically an intense self-reflection, deal with your problems, learn to express yourself workshop... If that makes sense. It is similar to what we do with the kids and mentors at Colorado Youth at Risk, but more intense and it costs $485. Because of this new job and the money I will be saving, I am going to do that in March, on my spring break. I think it's going to be awesome, and I'm not sure if I explained what it is that well, but everyone who does it gets so much out of it.

Also on Thursday, I went to the strategic planning retreat for my internship, which was awesome and they talked about how they hope to hire 2 new program managers for the programs they want to launch next fall. I hope that everything works out with that and maybe one of those program managers is me. I got so excited about what we are doing and realized how great everyone there is and how much I don't want to leave there. So maybe I won't. It's hard to say for sure, but I feel hopeful about that.

So I have big plans for the next few weeks and months. It might get to be a little too much sometimes, but I'm excited. It's a good time for a New Year.
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